Project VIY - Development and manufacturing of airsoft weapons as exact replica firearms and accessories


Growth stage








  • We produce a line of AEG airsoft weapons: AS Val, VSS Vintorez, 9A91, VSK-94, SR-3M Vikhr, which are used for power units. Models are reliable and are exact replicas of Russian firearms.
  • We produce models for Laser tag and accessories: magazines, ribs, tactical forearms, sights, replicas of protective helmets, spare parts for airsoft weapons.
  • We are developing the prototype HPA airsoft weapons.


REQUIRED INVESTMENT is 1.00 M USD for purchasing of production equipment.



  • Partners for opening our assembly site and regional sales offices
  • Partners, who can produce Gearboxes for AEG, Solenoids for HPA, Inner Barrels, Motors.
  • Partners, who organizes airsoft games.


455023 Russia, Magnitogorsk, Chapaev st., 13 -3;

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